Frequently Asked Questions

Form a team of 2-10 co-workers and nominate a Team Captain. Register at

Step-by-Step Registration

  1. Collect $20 registration fee from teammates. The Team Captain needs to pay for the entire team with one credit card. Tip: Collect program fee from teammates prior to registering!
  2. Obtain full name, email address, and t-shirt size from your teammates.
  3. Go to It asks for GROUP REGISTRATION CODE. Insert LHIUIOWA.
  4. You will then be prompted for your team captain information, division you want to participate in (weight loss and/or activity), and your teammate's name, email, and t-shirt size. (Teammates' email will be their user name, so be sure to spell their email address correctly.)
  5. You will then be asked for your credit card information.
  6. An automatically generated email will be sent to all team members with their username and password.
  7. Once you register, you will update your profile for magazine selection.

Registration cost is $20 per person.

Faculty and Staff, non-student hourly workers, and temporary employees of the University of Iowa are eligible to participate in this program and earn prizes. Retirees, spouses, dependents, student-workers are not eligible to participate. The Personal Health Assessment, Personal Wellness Modules, and Health Coach functions are only available to faculty and staff in 50% or greater, regular positions.

To earn monthly points, select the navigation link “Earn Points” and select the healthy behaviors you successfully completed for the respective month. Each healthy behavior earns you five points for that month. You can submit monthly points from the first of the month to the 10th of the preceding month. Example behaviors include but are not limited to:

  • I got at least four and a half cups of fruits and vegetables per day. A cup is equal to one cup 100% fruit or vegetable juice, one cup cooked vegetables, two cups raw leafy vegetables, one piece of fruit, or half cup dried fruit.

  • On most days, I performed some type of flexibility training like stretching or yoga for at least 10 minutes each day.

  • I performed a mix of moderate and vigorous aerobic activity that is equal to at least 150 minutes of moderate activity, such as 90 minutes of moderate activity and 30 minutes of vigorous activity each week. Keep in mind that 1 minute of vigorous activity equals about 2 minutes of moderate activity.

  • I do not use tobacco. Tobacco use includes smoking cigarettes and/or cigars, and/or the use of smokeless tobacco.

Access the PHA at the Employee Self Service website at

  • A free, one-year subscription to a lifestyle magazine upon logging on to your personal dashboard
  • Live Healthy Iowa T-Shirt
  • liveWELL supportive emails and opportunities like fitness classes, motivational talks, and prizes

After your team captain creates a team and registers with the University of Iowa Start Code (LHIUIOWA), you will receive an email with your login information.

Yes. They are welcome to participate in campus activities also.

Encourage your team to register as a UI Team. They will receive motivational emails and help us compete against other Iowa businesses and schools in total weight loss and minutes of activity!

Therefore, when team captains are registering, enter LHIUIOWA as the Start Code to be counted as a University’s team.

If your team is not registered and did not enter the LHIUIOWA group code, contact Erin Litton for assistance.

When team captains are registering, enter LHIUIOWA as the Start Code to be counted in the University’s teams.

You do not need to register. You can access My Health and Wellness Portal from Self-Service under the liveWELL tab.

My Health and Wellness Portal is accessed through Self-Service.

Faculty and Staff, non-student hourly workers, and temporary employees of the University of Iowa are eligible to participate in this program and earn prizes. Retirees, spouses, dependents, and student-workers are not eligible to participate.

Visit the HAWKID Guide web site or contact the appropriate Help Desk for assistance:

You can earn two types of points on My Health and Wellness Portal-monthly points and bonus points. See Questions “What are monthly points?” and “What are bonus points” for more information.

Bonus points are earned throughout the year by participating in liveWELL events and/or activities. Once complete, participants earn points by either submitting that you completed the task or entering the ‘bonus code’ provided for that activity. Bonus points range in value and frequency. Stay tuned for point opportunities on My Health and Wellness. You can submit a bonus code on the homepage of My Health and Wellness or on the My liveWELL Points page.

There are a variety of prizes for each point level that you can choose, including prizes from UI Wellness, the University Book Store, Tropical Smoothie, The Safety Store, and Recreational Services. Examples of prizes include but are not limited to:

  • Iowa Decals
  • One Day Membership Pass to Recreational Services
  • $4 to Tropical Smoothie
  • Iowa T-shirts, Hats, and Sweatshirts
  • Resistance Band with Handles
  • Bike Helmet, Bike Helmet ID Tags
  • 10 Minute Massage at Massage Oasis (Both at UI Hospitals and Clinics and CRWC locations)
  • And much, much, more!

You can earn 50 points on a monthly basis. Additional points are available via special programming and bonus points throughout the year. Prizes start at 200 points and range through 3000 points. On average a participant will earn 800 points a year.

Once you are logged into My Health and Wellness in Self Service, your "My liveWELL Points" will automatically reflect your monthly and bonus points entered. To purchase a prize, select the "Wellness Store" link and choose the prize of your choice. If you have enough points, select "Purchase" and an automatic message will be generated to your email account to confirm the prize order.

When your prize is ready, you will receive an email that your prize is ready to pick up. Print that email and retrieve your prize. Depending on the vendor of the prize you will pick it up at the location you selected when purchasing your prize.

Pick up locations include: