How can I conduct a difficult evaluation?

The performance review document is a visible part of a larger performance management process. If the process is not in place, simply completing a form is unlikely to change behavior or results.

Evaluate your attitude towards your employees.

Effective supervisors:

  • Treat employees as a valuable resource with untapped potential;
  • Believe that people want to excel;
  • Empower people through counseling, guidance and support; and
  • See performance review as a means to develop employee potential.

Conflict advice:

  • Establish your goals.
  • Make clear that your purpose is not to judge or criticize but to improve performance.
  • When dealing with substandard performance, be specific regarding changes needed and what will be considered acceptable performance.
  • Ask for the employee's help in solving the problem.
  • Ask the employee questions to better understand the level of performance.
  • Don't assume you have all the answers.
  • Encourage the employee to work toward solutions.
  • Help build solutions.
  • Identify ways to create specific improvement.
  • Plan to meet in the future to check progress. Create a plan for follow up and stick to it.
  • Document plans and agreements.

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