Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance is mandatory for international students and health science students with clinical exposure. Students are billed for single coverage in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). If they want to add a spouse and/or are eligible for UIGRADCare and want that policy, they must complete an application.

Beginning with applicants enrolling for summer 2008, all new first-year students enrolled with 5 or more semester hours will be required to have health insurance coverage for the entire time they are students at Iowa.

Health science students must complete the Proof of Coverage Form, which is available in MyUI.

International students must provide us with a copy of their policy and an insurance ID card along with the proof of coverage form. The policy must meet requirements listed on our website. 

Beginning with applicants enrolling for summer 2008, all new first-year students enrolled with 5 or more semester hours who do not belong to one of the two groups above, will be asked to report their insurance status through their Admissions Profile in MyUI, the University's online service center for students.  Students without coverage, will be automatically enrolled in the University's Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). 

See the current student health insurance rates on the appropriate index page for
your student status:

Undergraduate Health Insurance (non-Health Science Major)
Graduate Student or Undergraduate Health Science Major

SHIP- Students on SHIP can go to any doctor or hospital; however it may save money to go to an Alliance Select Provider.

UIGRADCARE- Students on UIGRADCare must choose a primary care manager from Student Health Service, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, or other UI satellite clinics. Family members may choose care managers at Internal Medicine or Family Practice or other UI satellite clinics. Specialists must be at UIHC.

When traveling, care for an accident and/or emergency illness will be covered when services are provided in an Emergency Room setting.

For covered individuals who are living away from Iowa City for 30 days or more, it is necessary to notify The University of Iowa Benefits Office, in writing, prior to leaving the Iowa City area. This allows for Non-emergency care to be covered when using the appropriate Blue Cross Blue Shield providers throughout the United States. When healthcare necessitates an admission to a hospital, prior approval must be secured by telephoning the Plan’s toll-free number. Call Benefits at 319-335-2676 for more information.

Benefits under these plans are in effect worldwide and include coverage for hospitalization, surgery, emergency care, medically necessary physician care, medication, evacuation, and repatriation.

Graduate students without assistantships and Undergrad students: Coverage terminates at the end of the month in which they cease to be a student. You will have the option to continue coverage for up to 12 months after leaving the University. Go to Departing Students page for more information.

For graduate students with assistantships, who have a fiscal year appointment, coverage terminates at the end of the month in which they terminate employment or cease to be a student. The Benefits Office will send you information on how to continue coverage once notice of termination is received.

For graduate students with assistantships or fellowships who have an academic year appointment or a spring-semester appointment, coverage will continue until 8/31 with a triple deduction on your June paycheck. You will receive information in August on how to continue coverage at your own expense.

If you are graduating in May, and have an academic-year, spring-semester or fiscal appointment, your last day of coverage will be May 31, 2018. You will receive COBRA paperwork with the option to continue insurance for up to 18 months at the full premium cost.

Students with academic year appointments or spring only appointments are charged in June for June, July and August premiums.

Coverage can be changed during the open enrollment periods noted in the booklet, or if there is a significant life event.

If you have a 25% time RA or TA (F19) or a fellowship (F52) paying at least $10,000 per year, and the appointment is for at least one semester you should receive a contribution. You must complete an application, however.

Complete a new application and mark the box on the form that states “SPOUSE IS GRAD STDNT W/ASSISTANTSHIP”. The additional University contribution will begin the first of the following month, unless the application is completed during an open enrollment period.

The University contribution toward your insurance begins the first of the month following the hire date or the first of the month following the completion of the appropriate application.  The only exception is during open enrollment periods, which is explained in the informational booklet you will be sent.

If it is mandatory for you to have insurance during August because you are either a health science or foreign student, or if you chose to begin coverage in August, you are responsible for the full cost of the premium for that month.

In addition, if you complete your application after the deadline for open enrollment, you will be responsible for all premiums prior to the first of the month after we receive that application.

No. Coverage will only be canceled for students or family members leaving the U.S. for at least one complete calendar month (e.g. January1 - January 31st, NOT December 15th to January 15th.)

You can submit your cancelation of insurance for the summer on your MyUI site.

  1. Sign in to MYUI
  2. Go to "+More"  found under STUDENT INFORMATION
  3. Go to "Student Insurance" found under STUDENT LIFE MANAGEMENT
  4. Select the red button labeled "Cancel Student Insurance"
  5. Select the reason "I'm temporarily leaving the University of Iowa/Iowa City" and select the blue "continue" button.
  6. On the Student Insurance Temporary Leave Form, enter in your start and end date of your time away from the University of Iowa.
  7. Upload a copy of your flight itinerary and select the blue "Submit to Benefits Office" button.

You must submit your cancelation request prior to leaving the U.S. 

Alternatively, complete the PDF iconTemporary Cancellation of Health and/or Dental Insurance Form (pdf) and attach a copy of your flight itinerary if applicable and submit to the University Benefits Office.

Coverage will only be canceled for students or family members leaving the U.S. for at least one complete calendar month (e.g. June 1- June 30th, NOT July 15th to August 15th.)

First, call Wellmark at the number on your card and discuss it with them. If that does not solve the problem, call the Health Plans Office at UIHC (356-8442) for assistance.