Frequently Asked Questions

Facutly and Staff can enter an optional preferred first name, in addition to their standard (legal) name, and select usage options for where that preferred name appears in university systems: limited or broad use

limited or broad use
  Usage Options
University of Iowa System Limited Broad
MAUI, Canvas, and ICON (for instructors and advisors) Standard Name and Preferred Name Standard Name and Preferred Name
ePersonnel file Standard Name and Preferred Name Standard Name and Preferred Name
Publicly-visible online directory [1] Standard Name Preferred Name
Name that accompanies your UI email address [2] Standard Name Preferred Name
University email address ( [2]
HawkID [3] Generated based on Standard Name Generated based on Standard Name
University ID Cards Standard Name on front and back Preferred Name on front, Standard Name on back
Human Resources systems, such as Payroll and Benefits [4] Standard Name Standard Name
Systems used by other campus departments and units Standard Name Preferred Name, unless the system requires Standard Name
  • [1]  Only one name type is searchable and appears in the publicly-visible online UI directory (Preferred Name if the user selects "Broad Use", Standard Name if they select "Limited Use")
  • [2]  Selecting "Broad Use" means that Preferred Name will accompany the user's UI email address (in the address book and in to/from/cc lines), but the email address itself will not change; visit Request to Change Email Alias for instructions for changing an email address. 
  • [3]  For instructions for changing a HawkID, visit Change HawkID Username.
  • [4]  Some systems, including Human Resources systems such as Payroll and Benefits, require Standard Name, even if "Broad Use" was selected for Preferred Name.  

Visit Employee Self Service, select your Personal tab and then select "Preferred First Name" under the Name, Address & Hawk Alert section. 

No. University business and systems require that your last name is your legal last name.

Please allow up to one business day for university systems to refresh.

Your standard name should be your legal (first and last) name as it appears on your social security card; otherwise, you may encounter difficulties with the IRS or state revenue and tax agencies.

Starting November 18, 2017, you will need to change your standard name on the Employee Name Change Form and attach documentation, such as a driver's license or court order.

After you have added your preferred first name (Employee Self Service), you can request a new ID card at the Iowa One Card Center, 3 Jessup Hall. The replacement fee for the new card will be charged to your U-Bill. Bring your old ID card, if available. Bring a photo ID with your legal name on it for verification.

No. Your preferred first name must be a name you truly use to identify yourself, and the university will not accept a preferred first name that is vulgar or offensive, obscene, fanciful, or creates confusion with another person. See the Preferred First Name Policy