Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to Merit Processes for more information.

  • A merit requisition must be initiated online and submitted through Workflow to University Employment Services to be advertised. The merit requisition is available via the Self Service site. Sign in to Employee Self Service, select the tab for HR Applications, Systems, and HR Transaction System.
  • A current functional analysis form for the position should be reviewed and updated annually, and prior to submitting the requisition. Attach the form to the requisition. A copy should be kept in the hiring department.
  • The special qualification information must be completed on the merit requisition for each specific skill to be used in the applicant screening process. (Additional information available: Definitions of Standard Special Qualifications)
  • Once the advertising period has ended, the department will be provided with the name(s) of candidates that it may consider.
  • For positions on extended advertising, applicant’s names will be forwarded to departments as applicants apply for the position.
  • If there is no priority candidate, the department should determine who will be interviewed and who it wishes to hire based on relevant education, experience, and work sample results.
  • Once an offer is made, an appointment form must be created and submitted. This is done in the Self Service site. Sign in to Employee Self Service, select the tab for HR Applications, Systems, and HR Transaction System.
  • If the position was a Temporary position that did not advertise, enter 00’s in the appointment form’s requisition # field.
  • If the individual selected is currently a permanent staff member at The University of Iowa, a transfer form should be submitted. The transfer form must have the advertised position’s merit requisition number listed in the form's requisition # field.
  • The “Final Summary,” which rates each applicant referred, must be completed in order for the appointment/transfer to proceed through Workflow.

Merit positions must be advertised initially for ten calendar days. The date the position will end its initial advertising will be listed as the “apply by date” for each position.

Yes.  A department may choose to contact any private employment service in order to secure hourly staff.  However, departments are encouraged to use the services of the following preferred vendor status agencies:

  • Express Employment Professionals
  • Remedy Intelligent Staffing

These agencies successfully completed via an RFP process with the University to provide favorable and predetermined rates to University departments needing hourly employees.  An individual may work for University departments through a private employment agency for a maximum of 1000 hours during a fiscal year.  Temporary Staffing contact information can be found on the Purchasing website.