Disputed Accommodation Process

The FSDS staff seeks to mediate accommodation concerns or issues between a department and employee/applicant using informal dispute resolution procedures. If a mutual agreement is not obtained, FSDS staff submits recommendations and forwards all documents to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (EOD) for compliance review.

Employee: When an employee disagrees with the employing department’s response to the requested accommodation the employee may submit an appeal to the Director of FSDS, 121-20 USB or to EOD, 202 JH. Employees are requested to complete the Disability Accommodation Review Form. Contact FSDS for a copy of this form.

During the review period, the employing department shall not implement changes that negatively impact the employee/applicant and the employee/applicant is to remain working if work is available that is within the medically documented restrictions. If work within the department is not available that is within the medically documented Restrictions, the employee is able to use accrued sick leave or vacation as applicable.

Department: When the employing department believes the requested accommodation is unreasonable, the Department HR Representative is to submit the departments desire to modify or deny the requested accommodation with supporting documentation and rationale to the Director of FSDS, 121-20 USB.