An eligible pregnant mother, spouse or partner (defined as spouse of the birth mother, either married or common law, or a domestic partner that is registered with UI Benefits), he/she is entitled to FMLA to:

  • attend prenatal care appointments,
  • care for a pregnant partner if she is incapacitated,
  • be present at the birth of the child, care for a partner following the birth of the child, and to have bonding time with the child following the birth.
  • Absence from work is typically a continuous leave. Once an employee returns to work, authorization from the department is required for a reduced schedule for bonding, as long as it is authorized within one year of birth.

If the employee is the eligible biological father of the child but not a spouse or domestic partner, he is entitled to FMLA absence for:

  • birth of the child and
  • bonding time with the child for up to one year following the birth.
  • Only the spouse or registered domestic partner is entitled to take FMLA leave to care for an expecting or recovering mother following birth.
  • FMLA for prenatal, birth, or recovery needs are based on calendar year eligibility. FMLA for bonding time is calculated on a rolling calendar year beginning with the child’s birth. For specific questions regarding calendar vs. rolling calendar year, contact Senior HR leadership or FSDS.
  • If both employees work at the University of Iowa then they must share up to 12 weeks of FMLA for bonding time following birth, rather than receiving up to 12 weeks individually.
  • A course is available on ICON for detailed information related to the parental leave policy, adoption leave, and overlap with Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is available by logging into Employee Self Service, clicking on My Training, Available ICON courses, and then Parental Leave.