Other FSDS Disability Services

Work Support Program

The workplace support program was developed at the University of Iowa for employees who experience work difficulties related to mental health conditions. The program has three services that are designed to assure individualization and customization for each employee. The three services are:

  • Medical Management - FSDS staff working directly with the THP and employee concerning disability needs and follow up
  • Job Coaching - 1-1 learning techniques
  • Individual Support and Workplace Fundamentals - 1-1 or small group atmosphere exploring various aspects of work and strategies to adapt and excel in the work environment

Job Coaching

FSDS also provides job coaching: when an employee is having difficulty completing part of their job due to a disability, a job coach may be a helpful resource. Coaches may enter work sites when there is a change in job tasks or functions and the employee has a history of difficulties learning new tasks. Coaches also are helpful when an employee is struggling with a job task due to an acquisition or change in health condition.

ADA Job Referral Assistance Program

If a reasonable accommodation is not available to enable the employee to complete the essential functions of the job, The University of Iowa may offer assistance through the ADA Referral Program. The program is designed to help the employee find a new job at The University and is only available if the employee has already worked through the interactive process with their HR Representative, supervisor, and FSDS. The ADA Referral program lasts until the employee finds a job or up to a maximum of three months (90 calendar days).

Supported Employment Learning Opportunities for Consumers of Community Organizations

FSDS contracts with several community disability organizations to provide supported employment learning opportunities for their consumers.