Paid Health-Related Leave

The University of Iowa encourages employees to maintain regular and consistent attendance; however, understands employees may need to be absent from work for personal medical and family medical needs. Please refer to the Philosophy Statement on Staff Attendance and Use of Leave Benefits for more information regarding attendance expectations.

Types of Paid Health-Related Leave

Employee leave may consist of paid leave accruals (ie sick leave and vacation), FMLA, unpaid leave as an accommodation under the ADA, or other as specified according to university policy and practice.

Employees earn leave accruals in order to remain in pay status when absent. Some leaves are concurrent, such as FMLA or parental leave with sick leave, vacation, or family caregiving leave. There are two categories of leave earned, vacation and sick leave, however they may be used for varying reasons described below.

Employees are encouraged, and in some cases required, to stay in paid status. Unpaid absence prior to exhaustion of leave accruals may not be considered reasonable and should be reviewed by the departmental HR Representative, with assistance from Senior HR leadership and/or FSDS prior to decision (Exception: FMLA unpaid). Please refer to any applicable collective bargaining agreements and/or Operations Manual policy for further information regarding requirements in use of accruals.

HR Representatives are responsible for assisting employees in understanding types of health-related absence, as well as how to apply accruals, monitor absence and communicate with employees and supervisors of necessary leave-related information, as well as manage any related medical documentation. Seek assistance from Senior HR Leadership and Faculty Staff Disability Services for questions regarding the information provided.

See the section titled Application of Leave for information on how to view/apply leave accruals, as well as the Leave Accrual Clarification Document for more information.