Furlough Information for Specified Term Status Employees with More than 2 Years of Service In This Status

When you start to look for a new position you will need to review the JOBS@UIOWA position announcement web site.

Your furlough considerations consist of the following during your notice period and for 12 months following termination:

  • Participation in the Furlough Networking Program and Resume Database
  • Specified Term employees will be offered an interview for positions (including any internal search) they apply for:
    • Within their job family
    • At their current pay level or below

To apply for an open position you will need to create a profile at JOBS@UIOWA.  Once you have created your profile and are ready to exercise your furlough considerations, to apply for an open position you will need to:

  • Indicate that you are a furloughed employee by selecting the “Advisable” button for University of Iowa “Career or Specified Term Status Employees Only with 2 Years of Service”.
  • After selecting the “Advisable” button you will need to answer two questions.
  • After you have answered "Yes" to both questions, a notification e-mail will be sent to Compensation and Classification.
  • Compensation & Classification will determine the appropriate letter (Must Interview/Courtesy), and the hiring department will be notified.
  • Departments are not required to provide justification for not selecting a Specified Term employee.   If selected, the normal EOD search and selection process will be followed.
  • In cases where the hiring department does not believe the Specified Term Employee is qualified for a position, based on a review of the basic or highly desirable requirements, they may petition Compensation and Classification, through the Senior Human Resource Leader for an interview waiver. 
  • A department will not be required to interview more than five (5) employees under this process for any given recruitment.

If you apply for an open position above your current pay level, and outside your job family, Compensation and Classification will send a courtesy letter to the hiring department asking them to consider your application.  However, the department is not required to interview you, nor are they required to hire you.

If a Specified Term status employee returns within 12 months from the date of termination, the university will:

  • Reinstate sick leave
  • Provide the option to purchase vacation leave that was paid out at the time of termination.
  • Adjust the company seniority date back to the date that was in effect at the time of termination.
  • Reinstate the P&S Term status date, and benefit eligibility and retirement eligibility dates back to the date that was in effect at the time of termination
  • Reinstate priority eligibility for parking, athletic tickets, and any other benefits that the employee had at the time of termination.