Voluntary Staff Termination Process

The checklist tool provided here supports the transition process when University of Iowa employees end University of Iowa employment voluntarily or transfer between units within the University. The checklist was created as a resource for HR Unit Representatives who do not already have procedures in place or who would like to modify their current procedures.

PDF iconEmployee Terminating or Transferring Checklist

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Transfer/End Of University Of Iowa Employment Checklist

This comprehensive form should be reviewed with the employee for a voluntary staff termination. The form is divided into three sections, detailing what each party is responsible for:

a) Supervisor/Manager
b) HR Staff
c) Employee

HR Representatives should ensure the checklist is fully completed, assisting the departing employee as necessary, and retain the checklist in the employee’s personnel file.

The Purpose Of Using A Systematic Employee Exit Process

University HR provides a standardized process to make it easier for departments to ensure a smooth transition for separating or transferring employees. Gaps in the employee exit process can cause disruption in payroll or benefits to the employee and could lead to significant security breaches or cost to the organizational unit. These common procedures can be customized for each unit's needs. The checklists become a part of the employee personnel file assuring and documenting a thorough and complete procedure.

What Supervisors And HR Reps Need To Do When An Employee Voluntarily Terminates Employment With The University

  • Contact your Human Resources Representative (HR Rep) to assist you with the necessary paperwork.
  • A checklist to assist you in determining if you have accounted for all University property that the employee might have had access to.
  • An HR checklist to assist your HR Rep in determining if HR processes have been completed before the employee departs.

Why Employees Should Participate In This Process

  • When you transfer or exit the University voluntarily, there are checklists that need to be completed with your HR Rep and/or your supervisor. By completing these checklists, transferring employees ensure that benefits and services will continue and it will allow for a smoother transition to their new college/unit. For exiting employees, updating information assures that you will receive your payroll and benefit information.
  • Your supervisor or HR Rep should contact you to facilitate the exit process.

Frequently Asked Questions

They help the college/unit to account for all University property. They also help a supervisor or HR Unit Rep organize the process and ensure that access to systems and buildings has been returned. Organizing and/or clearing out work files, passwords, voice mail, and email messages can make it easier for remaining staff to cover for this position or to train a new person. Departing and transferring employees will have a smoother transition by using these checklists.

Managing the data and actions you might take as a result of the data you gathered will rest with your department/college. Your Senior HR Leadership Representative, your college/division leadership, or your division/department leadership may assist you in determining how to compile, share, and use your data internally. Periodically, University HR may ask you to share themes or to present information that might lead to policy review and/or revision.

If you become aware of a pattern of behavior occurring in your unit, you should confer with your senior HR leadership or your unit/college/division leadership to assist you to determine how to deal with this behavior.