August: Diversity

Building and supporting a diverse community are longstanding institutional goals driven by both values and pragmatic considerations—namely, the understanding that diversity produces stronger scholarly, educational, and business results.

Year of Innovation questions for August and early September address different aspects of diversity and inclusion.

August 16 question – Responses

Question: How can the university encourage the understanding that diversity and inclusion are critical to our mission, and not simply necessary for compliance purposes?

August 30 question — Responses

Question: Where would you establish relationships (communities, institutions, organizations, etc.) in order to diversify UI applicant pools, and how would you go about building stronger recruiting connections?

September 13 question — Responses

Question: In your view, what should we immediately start doing, stop doing, or explore further in order to effectively support a diverse workforce and create a more inclusive employee experience?

Call to action

Consider how you can build on colleagues’ ideas:

  • Choose an idea to develop: Select a single, specific suggestion—big or small—that has potential for your unit and put it to work.
  • Keep the conversation going: Ask unit colleagues and leaders what they think about the topic at hand.
  • Think bigger: Don’t see any ideas that resonate? Develop another solution that better addresses your innovation goals.

Download an at-a-glance summary of responses to diversity questions:

PDF iconInnovation summary for August-September: Diversity