August 30 responses

Across the board, HR pros advocated a comprehensive approach that looks to build all kinds of connections. As one respondent put it, “Engagement needs to happen at multiple levels, through personal connections, social media, and community engagement. There’s no effective one-size-fits-all approach.”

1. Begin with the HR community

  • Expand professional memberships: Ensure UI participation in organizations dedicated to diversity and diverse populations in human resources.
  • Strengthen ties to UI offices and councils: Establish real partnerships with units and groups representing people of color, people with disabilities, LGBT people, veterans, and others.
  • Host events: Hold a multicultural career fair, conference/roundtable, and reception, or partner with other area employers on similar events.
  • Diversify advertising: Expand representation, methods, and channels to reach more diverse audiences.

2. Seek support from other staff and faculty

  • Solicit strategy advice: Establish which organizations, institutions, and communication channels best connect with diverse communities.
  • Support involvement: Encourage staff and faculty to strengthen connections with community and professional organizations.
  • Recruit ambassadors: Identify current employees who can represent the university and point peers to career opportunities.

3. Develop targeted programs for discipline-specific Merit positions

  • Connect with community colleges: Develop relationships with instructors and host events for community college students completing UI-based rotations.
  • Explore loan forgiveness: Work with university and Iowa Board of Regents leaders on programs to attract graduates from two-year programs.
  • Build family support: Work with housing authorities on support for single-parent families, or explore other needs with partners from the UI School of Social Work, College of Public Health, and other academic units.