February: Vision

January's first Year of HR Innovation question drew more than 50 responses from UI HR professionals across campus. February's questions consider how we establish and articulate a vision for human resources at the University of Iowa, starting from the position that our vision should reflect the university's strategic priorities.

The university’s strategic plan for 2016-2021 emphasizes three overarching goals:

  • Perform high-impact research
  • Provide a transformative educational experience that educates all UI students to be engaged citizens
  • Engage with Iowa and the world to broaden education, improve health, and enhance economic development

February 01 question - Responses

Question: How does your work as an HR professional—and the work of the whole HR community—support the university’s goals for research and discovery, student success, and engagement?

February 15 question - Responses

Question: What would you like to see the UI HR community accomplish over the next year, and how will we know we’ve reached that goal?

Call to action: Vision and change

Review ideas and resources for leading and managing change, one theme respondents emphasized in addressing February's questions about a vision for HR.

Summary report

Download an at-a-glance summary of HR vision responses, plus specific ideas for managing change:

PDF iconFebruary innovation summary: Vision and change