July 19 responses

Asked to propose general topics or specific questions for exploration during the next few months, most respondents offered questions. They’re listed here, edited only for clarity.

Proposed questions

1. How do we convert surveys and strategies into implementation and action?

2. How can we make Talent@Iowa more effective and better known?

3. How can we help HR leaders develop up-and-coming HR professionals? Are there additional tools that HR pros can use to take a more proactive role in their own development?

4. In what ways do UI reporting structures enhance or limit working relationships needed for faculty and staff to thrive and best serve campus?

5. How does HR find the right balance between strategic and operational functions, and ensure we’re excelling in both areas?

6. What would you focus on if you had more time in your work day? What initiatives are on the back burner for you, and why?

7. What strategies are helping your organization navigate the fast pace of change on campus? What would help you become a more effective change agent?

8. How are you as an HR professional growing, learning, and adapting to the changing environment?

9. How are you building your knowledge and skills, and what new learning opportunities could you benefit from?

10. How do you think we can or should grow and learn together as a community?

11. What have you found to be effective in driving and changing culture? What are the barriers?

12. How do you build cohesion across subcultures and in cross-functional teams?

13. How can we provide more complete and consistent onboarding for new employees?

14. How will the “internet of things” and wearable technology impact the employee experience?

15. How do we balance strategic planning with day-to-day immediate action and events?