June: Business

Year of Innovation questions for June focus on applying business thinking to HR services, looking specifically at revenue generation and business partnerships. 

Departments university-wide are finding ways to take greater control of their budgets. This includes identifying untapped opportunities to generate revenue at the department or university levels. Departments also are considering how to boost utilization of their services and become more valuable business partners for other units campus wide.

June 7 question—Responses

Question: What innovative revenue-generation ideas would support the university’s strategic plan and build connections across UI departments and functions?

June 21 question—Responses

Question: How can we enhance HR services to maximize usage and strengthen business partnerships, both within the university and with external organizations?

Call to action

For June and every month, consider how you can build on colleagues’ ideas:

  • Choose an idea to develop: Select a single, specific suggestion—big or small—that has potential for your unit and put it to work.
  • Keep the conversation going: Ask unit colleagues and leaders what they think about the topic at hand.
  • Think bigger: Don’t see any ideas that resonate? Develop another solution that better addresses your innovation goals.

Download an at-a-glance summary of responses to business questions:

PDF iconJune innovation summary: Business