July 18, 2014 Meeting of The University of Iowa and AFSCME Local 12 Labor Management Committee

Present: Todd Taylor, Michelle Ray-Michalec, Donna Kasper, Gary Stockinger, Joe Marron, Bob Huber, Dan Heater, Jim Tuecke, Samantha Miller, Devra Flatte, Nancy Kroeze and Joanne Higgins

Review of Minutes

  • June meeting summary will be reviewed at the August LMC meeting.

Information Items/Request

Union:  Data on hours worked by 90% employees at UIHC each month

  • 90% Appointments 90% Appointments

The following numbers for UI Health Care employees working at 90% for at least one day during the month of May 2014 were:

  • Total: 823

No additional hours:.........................83
.1 to less than 10 hours: ...................303
10 hours to less than 20 hours:........293
20 hours or more: ............................144

Old Business

Union (Dec. 2013): Post-holiday food drive – Tabled until Fall 2014

Union:  Are part-time workers being required to work full-time?   90% workers

  • Tabled until August meeting.
  • CDD has reported that another employee has been mandated to work at 100%.

Union: Has a vendor been picked for providing required clothing for employees at IRL?

  • Discussion – Who is the vendor for the IRL clothing? Is it a policy?   Michelle Kongable noted that Cherokee was the favored vendor but not the designated vendor.   She noted that it was in a pilot phase.

 Union: UIHC safety committee – some of the issues faced by merit staff and why the committee should meet more frequently than quarterly.

  • The Facilities Management safety committee met yesterday, (July 17). They ran out of time but July seems to have fewer incidents in Facilities Management that in June. Ideas of reporting were discussed.  The preference as it relates to the UIHC Safety committee would be that it met monthly rather than quarterly as it is more timely.   Bob Huber  and Dan Heater discussed a meeting with Brent Anderson to have a better sense of the safety climate and add diversity to the safety program. Both agreed that for consistency it would be a good idea to have another pair of eyes review the process and the meeting structure.   Nancy Kroeze will try to contact Brent Anderson.   Michelle Ray-Michalec would like to see a union person on that committee. Dan Heater asked if Richard Frauenholz should meet with the subcommittee prior to the August meeting to discuss some of the issues seen recently at UIHC?   It was decided that Michelle Ray-Michalec, Bob Huber, Dan Heater, Richard Frauenholz and Joe Marron will meet prior to the August LMC meeting.  Bob Huber will send out invitations.

New Business

  • Union: Safety issues arising from the process of chemicals used in the UIHC water supply preparation stations – Tabled until August – Guest Richard Frauenholz on vacation

Safety Education Subcommittee Update

  • None

New Business

  • Bob said that he had heard complaints from several UIHC female custodians that the new uniform tops didn’t fit and the slacks don’t fit.  Joanne said she would talk to Bill Millard and Marty Shafer. She was not aware that the new uniforms had been given to staff.
  • Dan Heater gave an update on the flood recovery.

Evaluations/Suggestions (Tuecke)

  • Jim Tuecke reported that everything seemed good from his perspective and that Trevor will attend meeting in Des Moines.

Respectfully submitted: Joanne Higgins

Adjourned at 2:55 pm