June 19, 2014 Meeting of the University of Iowa and AFSCME Local 12 Management Committee Meeting

Present:  Tim Cook, Dan Heater, Michelle Kongable, Nancy Kroeze, Josey Bathke, Jim Tuecke, Todd Taylor, Richard Frauenholz, Joe Marron, Bob Huber, Gary Stockinger, Michelle Ray-Michalec, Belinda Marner, Devra Flatte

  1. Introductions made and notetaker designated
  2. Previous minutes reviewed
  3. Informational Items: Data on 90% employees presented

Old Business

  • Huber reported on follow up to UH&D diversity training.  Program has been reviewed, people may opt-out if they are made uncomfortable, and diversity training may not be mandatory in the future.  
  • Application of comp time at UIHC .  Intention is that comp time at UIHC will be handled like everyplace else at UI.  Josey will look into this so all time cards are accurate. 
  •  Hemodialysis Techs issue morphed into general discussion of employees not getting contractual breaks.  Most systemically affected classifications seem to be OR Techs, PNA’s and NA’s.  Michelle K. will explore the issue with HR reps for the UIHC OR techs and Josey and Michelle K. with investigate break time practices for PNA and NA ‘s , especially when they have been reassigned to medical floors. 

New Business

  •   It was noted that part-time workers (90%) are being consistently required to work  full time.  Employee concerns have been brought to the union.  While employer has the right to work people beyond their appointed hours, a large fraction of part-time employees are routinely working hours consistent with full-time status.  Intended  goal of having a flexible work force to match the patient census may not be relevant if the patient census only increases.  Josey will ask about what the long term plan is for part-time appointments.
  • Required clothing at IRL:  No particular vendor has been picked to supply required clothing for employees at IRL, although Cherokee brand is favored.  The union looks forward to the development of a policy on required clothing at IRL.
  •  UIHC safety committee: The union requested  that the UIHC safety committee consider the advantages of meeting monthly rather that quarterly.

Safety Education Subcommittee   

  • This group will seek to confer with campus safety leaders University wide (FM, Risk Management, Athletics, UIHC etc.) to  find commonalities and develop best practices, such as shared reporting and forms and more robust training.


Minutes prepared by Joe Marron