About Staff Language and Culture Services

  • Working for the success of employees who are English Language Learners
  • Fostering a diverse and productive workforce
  • Expanding communication opportunities across varied languages and cultures

Our Mission

Staff Language and Culture Services strives to strengthen the cultural and linguistic competencies of all staff at The University of Iowa.

We work in support of the University's increasingly diverse and inclusive campus community.

We support the University's core values of diversity, community, and respect by encouraging an environment in which cooperation, communication, and respect can flourish among persons from a variety of backgrounds.

Our Goals and Services

Our main goal is to assist English Language Learning employees and those they work with at all stages of employment in order to advance the employee's productivity and success in the workplace. Language consultants and specialists do not have to speak the native language of the employee to be of assistance. Some examples of the services we provide are below.

Job Recruitment

Attend meetings of community groups and minority organizations. Assist at job fairs. Translate job announcements.

The Application and Hiring Process

Translate employment applications. Interpret job interviews. Spend extra time assisting English Language Learning applicants.

Work Orientation

Facilitate special work and safety training for English Language Learning hires. Translate training and safety documents. Spend extended time at the workplace with the employees and their supervisors to facilitate the work orientation and training process.


Deliver cross-cultural communication training. Lead problem-solving and cross-cultural conflict resolution sessions for work groups with English Language Learning employees. Interpret supervisor comments. Explain injury reporting and employee assistance programs.

Professional Development

Teach workplace-specific English classes for English Language Learning employees. Provide workplace Spanish classes for co-workers and supervisors. Interpret training sessions. Orient employees to the management styles of different cultures.