Help for New Employees with Limited English

Work Orientation and Safety Training

One of the main goals of Staff Language and Culture Services (SLCS) is to assist new employees with limited English proficiency, and their supervisors, by helping these new employees understand and complete safety training, comprehend work expectations, and, in general, become oriented to the new workplace.

Most UI employees with limited English proficiency start work with the vocabulary they need, or else they quickly learn the English they need to do their jobs. However, when beginning a new job, all employees are given a large amount of reading materials and new information. This information may not be presented in a way that is easy to understand. Cultural factors combined with a desire to impress a new boss often make it difficult for employees to ask questions. SLCS staff have the time and the training to help new staff members with limited English proficiency understand the important information they are given at the start of employment.

SLCS staff will teach new hires English vocabulary necessary for communicating safety expectations, and accompany new hires during safety training as a resource for explanation. SLCS staff will translate safety training and workplace expectations into Spanish, French, and Korean.

If you or a staff member you know needs help with work orientation, please contact us to talk about it.