Spanish Language Instruction for Staff


Spanish instruction is free to Merit and Professional and Scientific employees. Some goals of the instruction are to help employees communicate more effectively with English Language Learners, to facilitate cultural awareness, to offer them training for their professional advancement, and to help members of the University community gain insight concerning Limited English Learners (ELLs).

An instructor is available to teach employees beginning and intermediate Spanish one-on-one, in small groups, or in larger classes. This instructor is fluent in Spanish and is a trained language instructor. For more information, or to ask about Spanish instruction for yourself and/or another employee, please contact Staff Language and Culture Services.

Spanish Classes for Staff

Spanish for the Medical Personnel meets in periodic 7 to 8-week sessions at General Hospital. Currently there are Beginner and Advanced levels available. Other Spanish for Medical Personnel classes previously offered include Call Center Spanish and Spanish for Hospital Social Workers. If you have a need for a specific Spanish class for your department, please contact Corinne Stanley

Various levels of Spanish are offered periodically in the University Services Building. Some classes offered are True Beginner Spanish and Barely Beginner Spanish. If interested please contact Corinne Stanley.


The use of trained interpreters is extremely important in many clinical situations. Staff Language and Culture Services (SLCS) cannot train professional interpreters. SLCS Spanish instruction is intended to help employees improve simple day-to-day communication and rapport building with students, clients, and patients.

If you would like training as a professional Spanish interpreter, please contact the Des Moines Area Community College's Interpretation and Translation Program or search for information on the Iowa Division of Latino Affairs website.

Spanish Conversation Group

Staff Language and Culture Services periodically hosts Spanish Conversation Groups. Anyone wishing to practice speaking Spanish in a small group may attend. Contact Staff Language and Culture Services for a current schedule.