Translation (Writing) and Interpretation (Speaking) Between Staff Members

Note: We do not provide health care translation. If you need an interpreter for a hospital appointment, or a document translated for a patient:  Please call the Interpretation and Translation Division of the Department of Social Services, UI Hospitals and Clinics at 319-356-1967, TDD/TTY 319-356-4999.

Translation and interpretation are additional ways to help English Language Learning employees communicate more effectively at work. Translation is the term used for producing a written document in a different language, while interpretation is the word used for repeating what someone has said in a new language. The languages Staff Language and Cultures Services (SLCS) can translate and interpret vary depending on current staffing. However, if there are no SLCS staff proficient in a necessary language, it may be possible to (a) direct you to an individual proficient in the language, (b) use SLCS staff to search for adequate translations or versions of the relevant information on the web, or (c) have one of the SLCS's instructors trained in teaching English to speakers of other languages assist in communicating the information in English to the staff member.

As trained and experienced ESL instructors, we are proficient in communicating complex ideas in English to low-proficiency speakers. Often communication is possible in English even when the employee seems to speak very little of it. We can put in the extra time it may take to try to communicate with someone with limited English proficiency for other departments. Please contact Staff Language and Culture Services if you have a need for either translation or interpretation between staff members. If you are in need of interpretation, the more information that you can provide in advance about what you might need to talk about, the better the interpreters will be able to help.

Finding an Interpreter or Translator

Staff Language and Culture Services does not endorse any individual translator or interpreter or any interpretation or translation service.