Reduction in Force and Reassignment Process for AFSCME Covered Staff

The following information is provided by the University of Iowa’s Human Resources department; please refer to Article VI of the collective bargaining agreement negotiated between the State of Iowa and AFSCME Council 61 to view the actual contract provisions.

Only staff who are the least senior in a classification, or who lack the special qualifications necessary to displace junior employees, are subject to involuntary layoff.   Senior employees may, with the agreement of the president AFSCME/Iowa Council 61, volunteer to accept layoff rather than displace junior employees. Employees who are not subject to layoff may be reassigned.

Employees who are subject to layoff may either (a) voluntarily accept the layoff or (b) notify management that they wish to exercise their bumping rights. If individuals choose to exercise their bumping rights they must notify management within five (5) calendar days of their notice of layoff.

There are three tiers in the bumping process. Employees may:

  • Bump into a classification lower in series, or, if that is not possible,
  • Bump into a previously held classification, or, if that is not possible,
  • Bump into any classification in an equal or lower pay grade for which they are qualified.

If an individual is unable to bump into another classification, the individual will be laid off and placed on the “Pick 15” recall list. Individuals affected by the reductions will be individually counseled to help them understand their specific options.

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