Leadership Development Resources

Supplemental Services

Leadership Development Needs Assessment

UI Leadership Development can assist units, departments, colleges, and divisions with:

  • Creating and implementing individual or team leadership (360º) feedback surveys and processes
  • Designing and implementing an assessment of leadership development needs of faculty and staff
  • Consulting on succession planning, career development, and “building the bench”
  • Providing leadership development to grow future leaders and strong leadership teams
  • Referring to programming and resources on and off campus

We consult on evidence-based assessment practices, and provide a flexible suite of tools ranging from simple “pulse-checks” to some of the best leadership and organizational development instruments available.

Whatever the situation, we work with you to promote an easy process yet effective outcome.

Our service is part of Organizational Effectiveness' (OE) Workplace Consultation process.

Measuring Outcomes of Leadership Development

We encourages participants to measure results of leadership actions as a result of participating in our programs.

What past participants in Organizational Effectiveness’ Leadership Coaching say:

  • “It was refreshing to talk about workplace issues with my [advisor/coach]. She knew enough about my situation to provide useful feedback, but was far enough away from the . . . details that she could offer an unbiased perspective on the problems I was facing.”
  • “I spend more time listening to the people that work for me—I can tell they appreciate it.”
  • “I am more open to staff. I am delegating more day-to-day duties and am considering how to do more.”
  • “I am becoming more mindful of my behavior and how others react.”