Skill Development Coaching for Leaders and Managers

UI Leadership coaching is available for UI leaders who are motivated to enhance a specific leadership behavior. Leadership coaching is provided at no charge for UI and UI Health Care leaders. Assessment fees vary.

Two conditions that must exist prior to coaching:

  • Participant must be focused on and motivated to increase a specific leadership behavior.
  • Organization or unit must support the participant in coaching.

Review the Roles and Confidentiality Parameters.


  • After departmental payment is received, directions for the online assessment is emailed to participants.
  • Participants receive their reports immediately after completing the DISC or the StrengthsFinder assessments.

Results Review Session

  • The participant and coach complete a leadership coaching session to discuss insights and applications.

Goal-Setting Conversation

  • The participant and coach discuss and complete a development plan including strengths and leadership competencies.

Skill-Building Coaching Sessions

  • Practice new behaviors and communication strategies in a supportive environment with your coach.
  • Your coach may provide readings and reflective exercises in advance of the sessions.

Pulse-Check Survey

  • Through a short survey, gather feedback from colleagues on your developmental goal progress.

Closing Conversation

  • Discussion of efforts made and early progress achieved, as well as strategies to maintain emerging leadership competencies.

To begin skill development coaching for leaders and managers, contact Nikole Mac.