Getting Things Done®

Course # 436

Fee: $400
Course Dates
To register, complete the printable registration form (pdf) and send (with payment) to: UI Learning & Development, 121-51 USB

Advertising Description

When it comes to the work you do, who’s in charge—you or your work? It can certainly be easy to get overwhelmed! Wouldn’t it be great if you could just be in command of the numerous responsibilities you have to manage every day, both personally and at work? The groundbreaking GTD® methodology can help you achieve control in a world of constant change and ever-increasing input. This powerful program delivers a highly effective and sustainable way to attain greater levels of personal productivity.

Quote from a GTD participant:

GTD has helped out enormously in my organization techniques. The greatest benefit of this system has allowed me to successfully incorporate the duties of two positions in our department with my previous duties, without causing me a lot of undue stress. I am immensely grateful for that.

I am able to prioritize my new duties, delegate actions to support staff and maintain a manageable e-mail inbox, thanks in part to the skills I learned in the GTD seminar. I recommend it to my colleagues in my department as well as acquaintances in the UIHC. - Frank Olalde


Participants will learn the steps of the GTD Core

Capture - collect everything that owns a piece of your mind and attention
Clarify – get your ‘in’ to zero
Organize – park your stuff to make doing easier
Reflect & Engage – no regrets about your choices

Participants (audience course is designed for)

This program is intended for anyone who wants to: reduce their stress; increase their productivity; get and keep their in-box, email and voicemail to zero; or gain more time and energy while managing multiple responsibilities with more success.

Only UI employees are eligible to participate.