Leadership Core Series


The Leadership Core Series is a series of four stand-alone modules which are designed for easy online access for emerging supervisors. The supervisor will be encouraged to relate to the concepts of Awareness, Learning Agility, Influence, and Communication.

  • This series addresses a few of the basic tools supervisors need to impact their work unit.
  • The modules can be taken in brief segments and times. 
  • Each module may be completed in approximately 30-45 minutes or can be taken in smaller segments by returning to a previous stopping point.
  • The goal of the series is to provide exposure to some key concepts and briefly address them in the four online series modules: Awareness, Learning Agility, Influence and Communication.


The distinguishing between two types of awareness begins with self-awareness and the awareness of the environment in which we work and interact. The course will increase your awareness by helping you to take in your surroundings to make decisions that are shaped by your leadership style.

Learning Agility

Agility is the gathering of tools that can be relied on at the very moment that requires change, response, or shift to support the demands of the workplace mission. Much of this comes when agility creates balance in the relationships, confrontations, and times of uncertainty. The individual who exercises agility demonstrates composure while remaining flexible enough to have multiple ways to respond to shifting information and personnel.  


The road to creating and building long-term influence is often foreign and elusive to the daily work tasks. The ability to inspire, grow and motivate the various levels of relationships hinges on many subtle things. Influence is all about changing behavior.


Talking, speaking and moving our lips are not the same thing as communicating. Communication is interactive and provides a healthy exchange of thoughts, feelings, and knowledge that help us to process and decide the best plan to offer feedback.


Classes are open to all interested faculty and staff on an a la carte basis. Enroll in each online class in the series that interests you. The completion of the series includes the four online courses: Awareness, Learning Agility, Influence, and Communication.

To enroll, visit Employee Self Service/ Personal/My Training /Enroll in Courses and enter "Leadership Core" in the Course Title. All four Leadership Core classes will appear - (Leadership Core, Agility (WLEAD2); Leadership Core, Awareness (WLEAD1), Leadership Core, Communication (WLEAD4) and Leadership Core, Influence (WLEAD3) - view the details and register.