The University of Iowa is committed to developing and sustaining a healthy campus culture with specific goals to improve faculty and staff health and organizational performance through an integrated approach to health management. Health and wellness efforts were first implemented at the University in 1999 through a number of pilot programs. Based on the demonstrated success of these early endeavors, a comprehensive health management strategy was developed and liveWELL was formally launched in 2006.

Today, many services are available through liveWELL to meet the diverse needs and interests of our campus members. Emphasis is placed on:

  • participation and engagement,
  • improvement in individual health and well-being,
  • the creation of a supportive environment, and
  • a commitment to demonstrating positive outcomes for the University.

The University of Iowa is focused on attracting and supporting a healthy and engaged workforce to  maximize performance, reduce costs, and achieve excellence. liveWELL, through its positive impact at both the individual and institutional level, support these goals.

Our Mission         

To create and sustain a healthy campus culture at the University of Iowa through the development and delivery of best in class health and wellness programs for faculty and staff.

Our Vision

To be a national leader of University health and wellness programs, enhancing the quality of life of our campus community members.


Everyone can do something to enhance their personal health and well-being, whether you’re the picture of health or live with a chronic illness. liveWELL programs and services are designed to support you in your health and wellness efforts, no matter where you find yourself on the health continuum. Some of the benefits include:

  • Access to a number of free health and well-being services, telephonically, on-line and in-person.
  • Tailored feedback reports on specific health issues you may face now or in the future by completing your Personal Health Assessment survey.
  • Work with a Health Coach to create a reasonable health enhancement action plan and meet your health goals.
  • Be eligible for a number of incentives:
    • Earn liveWELL points to redeem at the Wellness Store.
    • Receive up to $45 annually for completing your Personal Health Assessment.
    • Participate in the Recreation Membership Incentive Program to have 50% of your campus recreation membership reimbursed.
  • Support health and wellness in your unit by volunteering as a Wellness Ambassador.

Annual Report

Program highlights, success stories, and health improvement and cost containment outcomes.