IMU Building Walking Map

1st Floor = .23 miles. 4.5 Laps = 1 Mile

  • Start at the Main Entrance (East Side of Building with glass and windows at entrance)
  • Head into building past stairwell and bank desk
  • At the wall, turn right towards Main Lounge
  • Circle around the entire Main Lounge
  • Take right at hallway behind Room 103F
  • At the end of this hallway, there are restrooms - Turn Left
  • Head to end of hallway and turn around
  • At Room 144 - Turn Right
  • Complete the loop by arriving at your starting point.

First Floor IMU Walking Route

2nd Floor = .11 miles. 9 laps = 1 mile.

  • Start at the stairway by Room 244
  • Head South down hallway
  • At Room 249, turn Right
  • At end of hallway, turn Right to Room H238
  • Follow hallway until you reach Ballroom 243
  • Continue South until the next hallway on your left
  • At Room 249 take Right to finish the loop.

Second floor IMU Walking Route

3rd Floor = .12 miles. 8.5 laps = 1 mile.

  • Start by stairwell by Room 348
  • Head South down hallway
  • At Room 343, turn Right
  • Continue to room H339 at end of hallway and turn around
  • Head back to start to complete the route.

Third floor IMU walking route