UI Hospitals and Clinics Walking Routes

Medical Education Research Facility (MERF) to Pomerantz Family Pavilion (Elevator L)

Total Distance = 3,100 feet or about .6 miles (one way).

Shorter Route: Carver Biomedical Research Building to General Hospital = 1,680 feet or about .31 miles (one way)

Map of UIHC MERF area

Walking Directions

  1. Enter MERF from Newton Road
  2. Start walking on 2nd floor

Landmarks as you walk

Roland and Holden Cancer Research Lab
Urmila Sahai Seminar Room
Medical Labs
Medical Research Center
Enter General Hospital through
Elevator B-Floor Compass-Turn Left

Elevator Distances

To view a map of UI Hospitals and Clinics elevator locations, visit the Parking and Wayfinding website.

A to B = 110 feet or .02 miles
B to C = 180 feet or .032 miles
C to E = 301 feet or .057 miles
E to F = 69 feet or .01 miles
H to I = 220 feet or .041 miles
I to L = 460 feet or .087 miles

Total Distance from Elevator A to L = 1,600 feet or .3 miles (one way)

Hospital Ramp 3 Skywalk

5 lengths = 1 mile
Start at the top of the escalator in the main entrance and walk to escalator in ramp 3.