Presence for the Holidays

Presence for the Holidays: The Gift of Resilience
Presence for the Holidays: The Gift of Resilience

Presence for the Holidays: The Gift of Resilience, is a fun program to challenge participants to pause during the busy holiday season. From November 16 to December 13, 2015 take at least five steps to maintain or improve your well-being during the hustle and bustle by checking off tasks on your Holiday Shopping List. Weekly, participants will receive an email containing tips for that week's Holiday Shopping List. Included in that email will be a Bonus Code worth 50 liveWELL Points to enter on My Health and Wellness.

What is Presence for the Holidays: The Gift of Resilience?

Presence for the Holidays: The Gift of Resilience is a program dedicated towards your well-being during the holidays. Participate between November 16 - December 13. Track your weekly accomplishments on the Holiday Shopping List.

Your goal is to complete four of the seven Holiday Shopping List tasks.

Maintaining or improving your resilience during the holidays will allow you to enjoy and participate in a more meaningful holiday season. Better health allows you to be fully present and remember the true meaning of the holidays.

How do you register?

Registration is open. To register for Presence for the Holidays: The Gift of Resilience visit Employee Self-Service / Personal Tab / LiveWell / My Health and Wellness. Upon registering, you will receive 50 liveWELL Points to use at the Wellness Store.

How does the Program Work?

Register for Presence for the Holidays: The Gift of Resilience at Employee Self-Service / Personal Tab / LiveWell / My Health and Wellness, then track your accomplished activities on the PDF iconHoliday Shopping Lists (pdf) from November 16 - December 13. Weekly, you will receive an email from UI Wellness with a Bonus Code to submit at My Health and Wellness where you will earn 50 liveWELL Points each week.

Holiday Shopping Lists

November 16 - November 22 | Week 1: Better sleep

  • Keep your bedtime consistent five nights
  • No screen time in bed five nights
  • Get 8,000+ steps four times
  • Limit alcohol to one serving and only twice
  • Do a 10 minute relaxation exercise prior to sleep twice
  • Keep caffeine fixes to the morning four days
  • Place a journal next to your bed for you to write waking thoughts and ideas

 November 23 - November 29 | Week 2: Stay moving

  • Find three extra 10 minute walks
  • Park further from the door four days
  • Take two holiday walks through festive decorations
  • Create a list of winter activities you will try this winter
  • Connect with family to plan a Turkey Day walk pre– or post– meals
  • Take two stretching breaks
  • Dance twice this week- Enjoy favorite music and bust a groove!

 November 30 - December 6 | Week 3: Stress busting

  • Create a daily task list and limit it to realistic goals
  • Simplify gifts. Encourage family exchanges or draw from a hat instead of buying individually
  • Stay connected by calling three family members or friends
  • Slow down and enjoy writing two holiday cards to express gratitude
  • Start or continue journaling twice (focus on the positive things in your life)
  • Participate in yoga or meditation once

December 7 - December 13 | Week 4: Eat well

  • Eat before attending holiday parties
  • Drink four glasses of water daily
  • Eat breakfast every day
  • Eat three veggies a day, four days
  • Purchase/create a fruit and veggie tray for home snacking
  • Prepare a healthy substitution for a holiday favorite
  • Focus on fun, not food. Suggest activities during the party like charades or cards