liveWELL Services by Request

liveWELL offers a number of health and wellness services for groups or individuals, conveniently provided at your worksite. You may request these programs with an online form or by emailing us.

Educational Seminars

These are provided by UI Wellness staff members, as well as other University partners depending on the request. We are able to tailor sessions to the unique needs of your group whether that be 20-minutes at a staff meeting or up to 60-minutes as a part of a staff retreat. Topics include:

Fitting Physical Activity into a Busy Schedule

This seminar will provide you with information on how much activity you need for it to be beneficial and tips for incorporating more activity into your everyday life. You will also learn how to develop your own fitness program tailored to meet your individual needs. Usually, low-intensity exercise demonstrations are provided.

Healthy Meal Planning

Are you constantly on the go and feel your meal planning takes a back seat to everything else? Take control of eating healthy meals with tips for time-saving meals at home, eating out and healthy snacks for the whole family.

Healthy Lunch Packing for School and Work

Review health and monetary benefits of packing. This presentation will include ideas and can include healthy dining-out options near campus, as well.

Exercising Personal Resilience: Strategies for Success    

Too many tasks and too little time? How can you take care of yourself and your personal relationships? This seminar will help you explore ways to create a balance of work/life through stress management, physical activity, healthy eating, and time management.

The Active Office Series

These 30-minute tutorials are appropriate for all fitness levels. No equipment is needed, but we do desire a conference room space that can be opened up for room to move around and see the instructor.

  • Active Office: Strength Training
    Are you ready to add activity to your daily work breaks? Learn how to safely perform strength building exercises in your office with no equipment.
  • Active Office: No Equipment Required
    Participating in this feature will provide individuals with the knowledge of how to strengthen the entire body in 15 minutes with no equipment.
  • Active Office: Desk Yoga
    By practicing a “yoga” mindset, participants will engage in poses adapted to the desk space that encourages relaxation and tranquility. Participants will actively participate and learn a basic yoga-inspired routine for the office.
  • Strength Training with Bands
    Using strength training bands are a great way to increase strength with no bulky, heavy equipment. They provide a range of intensities for most muscle groups. Bands are great for travel, desk storage, or to keep in the car between events.

Individual and Group Health Coach Service

If you are a faculty or staff member in a 50% or greater, regular position, you're eligible for Health Coaching. The one-on-one service is available at two campus locations or via Skype, phone, or email.

Group Health Coaching is available at any University building or department. A liveWELL Health Coach will come to your work area to provide the service. This is a convenient option for areas that do not have a lot of flexibility to leave during the workday, or wherever there is enough interest from 6-12 people to work on individual health goals with the support of a group.

If you want the liveWELL office to contact you to get started, simply contact us.