Spring 2013 Awards

Team Winners

Leave Benefit Accrual Team

Tracking leave benefits so that payroll can be accurate for UI Health Care staff was not supported by a good system. This sometimes led to inadvertent overuse and an administrative chain reaction leading to payroll inaccuracies and overpayments that needed to be recovered. This team developed some innovations that have produced substantial decreases in overuse:

  • October 2011 had 46 instances / October 2012 had 7 instances
  • Quarter 4, CY 2011 had 143 instances / Quarter 4, CY 2012 had 28 instances

This decreases the level of staff resources necessary to respond to this problem and eliminates the frustration of staff - from the user to the administrators. Innovations include an electronic calculator tool that HR Representatives may use to calculate the exact amount of accruals an employee earns each month to determine leave available, and a report developed with HCIS that combines information from HRIS and ELMS to provide data that can be used before payroll processing, thereby, avoiding overpayments. Nominated by Jana Wessels.

Tara Black, Megan Sullivan, Kate Hilsman
UI Health Care Human Resources Payrol


When 10,000 meals are served every day by Food and Nutrition Services, patients, staff and visitors often have questions about the nutritional value and allergen content of the meals, snacks, etc. available. For two years this team worked to standardize over 750 recipes and 800 food items so that the software program, NetNutrition, could accurately reflect content of the food. The team has kept NetNutrition in the eye of potential users with presentations, announcements and hands on training, resulting in 4,600 hits occurring per day from people seeking information about calories, fat, sugar, vegan and vegetarian options, and allergens. In a recent customer survey at Fountain Dining and Melrose Dining, of those surveyed who used NetNutrition (71% and 58% respectively), 55% were influenced to make different food choices. Nominated by Laurie Kroymann.

Becky Iliff, Beth Fielder, Levi Devries, Bridget Drapeaux, Food and Nutrition Services
John Lighty, Health Care Information Systems

UEHC Immunization Team

After convincing the Office of Compliance and Ambulatory Care leadership to offer all healthcare personnel both varicella titers (blood test for Chickenpox immunity) and Tdap (adult booster of pertussis) vaccinations for free, this team facilitated education to inform new and continuing employees of the need to use this service. The results were 8,253 personnel were screened with 205 completing their needed varicella immunization. In the same timeframe of January 2012 to February 2013, 6,448 personnel were screened for pertussis and 63% accepted vaccination. To accomplish these results, all UEHC staff, no matter what their position, volunteered to reduce breaks to make this happen for the safety of UI Healthcare patients, visitors, and staff. Nominated by Lynn Vining.

Cheryl Heery, Cynthia Neuzil, Pam Leichsenring, Billie Jo Kress, Beverly Belzer, Kwee Yeap, Julia Finley, Treasa Eicher, Heather Dennis, Lynn Vining, Patrick Hartley, Laurence Fuortes, University Employee Health Clinic