liveWELL Toolkit

liveWELL Toolkit
liveWELL Toolkit

Does your workgroup want to make healthy changes together? Do you like having an organized challenge? Try the liveWELL Toolkits!

What is a liveWELL Toolkit?

A liveWELL Toolkit is a short wellness program, usually lasting four to eight weeks, that is done within a workgroup and managed at a local level. Each liveWELL Toolkit presents a weekly challenge for participants to improve their health and wellness through nutrition, physical activity, or resilience. Toolkits range in content and topics; however, all are meant to inspire healthier behaviors.

What is included in a liveWELL Toolkit?

Each liveWELL Toolkit includes:

  • An Implementation Guide
  • Program Flyer (for departmental marketing and recruitment)
  • Program Behavior Tracker
  • Participant Emails
  • Satisfaction Survey (for program lead and participants)

How do we offer a liveWELL Toolkit with my workgroup?

To offer a liveWELL Toolkit, one person within the workgroup must be identified as the Program Lead. This person will be the contact person for liveWELL. liveWELL will share materials with the Program Lead and support questions and concerns the Program Lead may have. Once the Program Lead has the materials, they will identify a start date and then market the program to the department. All materials are prepared and can be shared with staff as the Program Lead sees fit.

Different ways to offer liveWELL Toolkits include, but are not limited to:

  • Program Lead prints program behavior tracking sheets and shares at a staff meeting. A tracking board in a common area is used to track all participating staffs' progress. Updates are shared on tracking board.
  • Program Lead emails staff about the program and includes program behavior tracking sheets. Using a web-based spreadsheet (like Google Sheets), staff register and update their weekly progress electronically. Updates from Program Lead are emailed to participants on the Google Sheet.
  • Program Lead prints program behavior tracking sheets and encourages staff to participate by putting updates on their office door. At the completion of the program, participants return their completed program behavior tracking sheets.

Toolkits are meant to be easy to implement. liveWELL staff are available for consultation and support.

To request a liveWELL Toolkit, contact the liveWELL office at or 319-353-2973.

Available liveWELL Toolkits Include:

Colorful Choices

Colorful Choices is a simple 20-day nutrition program that increases the amount of color in one’s diet. Participants aim for a minimum of five servings of fruits and vegetables combined each day and track their progress. The goal of this program is to increase the overall number and increase importance of fruits and vegetables consumed.

Grow Your Grit

Grow Your Grit is a four-week program that focuses on resiliency. Each week there is a new focus including; friends and family, food, fitness, and fun. While participating in Grow Your Grit, you will focus on ways to have a healthier, more meaningful life.

Count Your Steps

Count Your Steps is a four- to eight- week step challenge. The program focuses on counting your steps, setting goals and crushing them! This is a friendly challenge among your co-workers to see who can increase their steps over the course of the program. 

My Healthy Life

My Healthy LIFE is a seven-week, health awareness program that will focus on a holistic approach to your well-being. Each week of My Healthy LIFE will focus on one of the seven topics: being active, live life with meaning, de-stress your life, eat to satisfy, eating more fruits and vegetables, family first, and social circle.