Turkey Trot

Turkey Trot is a healthy, fun way to start the holiday season. This four week program can help motivate you to stay active through the holidays and all winter long. Whether you like to walk, run, cycle, swim, use a fitness center, ice skate, or sweat to the oldies, you’ll achieve an improved fitness level when you participate in Turkey Trot!

What is Turkey Trot?

Turkey Trot is an activity tracking program to increase steps for four weeks during a busy time of year. Participate between November 10 - December 9. Record your daily minutes of physical activity on any activity tracking device, calendar, or the PDF iconTurkey Trot Log Form (pdf).

Your goal is to achieve a minimum of 500 minutes of physical activity during the 30 day program (that’s an average of 17 minutes per day or 34 minutes every other day)! For those who already exercise regularly, your goal can be higher, 750 minutes or 1000 minutes (advanced).

Active minutes include all intentional activity done throughout the day. All movement counts! So anytime you choose to walk to a meeting, stand up during a phone call, or take the longer route to the bathroom, those minutes count toward your daily active time too! So get creative, get up, and get moving!

How does the Program Work?

Register for Turkey Trot, then track your physical activity minutes from November 10 - December 9, 2014. Weekly, you will receive an email with a Bonus Code to submit at My Health and Wellness where you will earn 50 liveWELL Points  each week.

How do you register?

Registration opens October 27th on My Health and Wellness through Employee Self Service. Upon registering, you will receive 50 liveWELL points to use at the Wellness Store.

Resources for Support

Need help finding ways to exercise with the changing weather? Use the Local Area Walking Maps for locations on campus and walking routes inside many University buildings.