Wellness Grant Examples

How UI departments have used Wellness Grant Funding

Department/Organization: College of Dentistry

Requestor: Keeley Carter

Wellness Grant: National Employee Health and Fitness Day Celebration at College of Dentistry on May 15, 2013. Wellness Grant funding supported stress "teeth" giveaways and water bottles. As a part of the celebration, walking groups and a mini health fair were held.
Approximately 130 faculty and staff from the College of Dentistry participated in the events that were sponsored by the Staff Development Committee.

Department/Organization: College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Requestor: Nancy Fick

Wellness Grant: FREE 10-minute chair massages for College of Liberal Arts & Sciences faculty and staff. Thirty-eight were able to participate in receiving a free massage.

"It was fantastic. It was a great way to start the week. Grateful to CLAS for applying for the Wellness grant." - Kathy, School of Music

"This was such a nice perk; just to focus on relaxing. The timing was perfect to do over the week of Thanksgiving break." - Jennifer, Dean's Office

Wellness Ambassador: Ronnie Chalupa

Department/Organization: Patient Financial Services


equestor & Wellness Ambassador: Sue Weinberg

Wellness Grant: Resistance Bands from UI Wellness ($5/each)

UI Wellness provided an educational training and resistance bands to be used for stretching and strength training at home or in the office to 40 Patient Financial Services staff. They continue to meet to exercise together!

Department / Organization: UI College of Public Health

Requestor: Kay Shie

Wellness Ambassador: Kim Merchant

Wellness Grant: Water Bottle Filler station for College of Public Health Building

The bottle-filling station is used by all visitors, students, faculty, and staff as a way to encourage hydration and reduce waste.

Department / Organization: UI International Programs

Requestor & Wellness Ambassador: Janet Parham Walker

Wellness Grant: Sit-stand workstations allow staff members a break from sitting in a chair all day. An accessible cubicle area was made available to all student and staff workers to "reserve" the workspace via Outlook. Wellness Grant funding purchased part of the workstation and International Programs paid for the balance. In one-month following installation, 28.5 hours of staff usage was recorded.

"The standing workstation gives me a boost of energy and I get a lot of work done!"

Department/Organization: Division of Sponsored Programs/Office of Vice President for Research

Requestor & Wellness Ambassador: Amanda Jorgenson

Wellness Grant: Pedometers from UI Wellness live WELL program (valued at $5/each). An educational seminar was held with approximately 20 staff members regarding setting up and using the pedometers. Co-workers participated in the Healthiest State Walk on October 3, 2012 as a way to show off that they were using their pedometers!