West Campus Walking Routes

The West Campus contains mostly Health Care and Athletics facilities. Follow these different routes for a great mid-day exercise break!

  • The 1-Mile route circles Kinnick Stadium and its surrounding parking lots. You can start and stop from the Main UIHC entrance.
  • The 2-Mile route takes Hawkins Drive towards Carver Hawkeye Arena, turns at Elliot Drive, follows Newton Road to Riverside Drive for a scenic view of the Iowa River. Finish up by heading up the hill at Grand Avenue, by the Law Building and back to your starting point via Melrose Avenue.
  • The 3-Mile route will take you from the Health Care campus into neighboring University Heights for a quiet neighborhood loop. Follow Melrose west to Sunset, hang a left on Benton Street down the hill to Riverside Drive. Then take Riverside to Grand where you go up the hill and reconnect with Melrose. This route also provides a great view of the Iowa River.

To build your own route you can use free online tools: