March 21, 2014 Meeting of The University of Iowa and AFSCME Local 12 Labor Management Committee

Present: Josey Bathke, Andy Cooper, Todd Taylor, Michelle Ray-Michalec, Gary Stockinger, Joe Marron

Review of Minutes 

February meeting summary was reviewed and approved.

Informational Items

Information on hours worked by 90% employees at UIHC was supplied with the agenda and reviewed.

Old Business

  • We had a brief discussion of the union’s proposal for a food drive for the Crisis Center food bank.  This has been tabled until fall.
  • We discussed the status of the workplace anti-bullying and mobbing training rollout.
  • It was noted that the issue of hemodialysis technicians not getting their appropriate breaks has been referred to David Bergeon for his analysis and response.
  • Concerns about a recent diversity training that were raised by Bob Huber were tabled until April so that he might attend.

New Business

Changes in committee personnel:   It was noted each side may have six representatives.

  • For the union, Bob Huber will temporarily replace Laurie Hathaway until she can return.  For management representatives will be Josey Bathke, Dan Heater, Rachelle Stewart, Nancy Kroeze, and two individuals from the healthcare campus who are yet to be determined.
  • Application of comp time, primarily as used at UIHC:  Management will investigate the use of comp time at IRL and UIHC hospital maintenance.
  • There was a discussion of the several safety committees on campus and how they function.  An appeal was made to strengthen safety efforts.  An example given was the practices surrounding the usage of isolation room signage at UIHC.   This issue is currently in the grievance process.