October 17, 2014 Meeting of The University of Iowa and AFSCME Local 12 Labor Management Committee

Present: Ms. Modestou, J. Bathke, M. Kongable, D. Heater, D. Schropp, M. Ray-Michalec, T. Taylor, D. Kasper, R. Frauenholz, R. Huber, G. Stockinger, Mr. Tuecke

  1. Introductions made, Union note-taker designated, minutes from last meeting reviewed.
  2.   90% employee data from August reviewed.
  3.  At this time, we went out of order to accommodate our guest from EOD and jumped to new business (VI, c), which was an update to the University’s Human Rights policy, to be in effect starting on 9/26/14.

The new policy is intended to harmonize with both other policies and federal policy.  It presents five new protected categories, religion, pregnancy, genetic information, veteran status, and service in the US military.  This updated provides for greater consistency across the various community policies (civil rights, human rights, sexual harassment) at the University of Iowa.

 Old Business: The discussion of process and chemicals used in the UIHC water supply stations was tabled until the November meeting.

There was no report from the Safety Education Subcommittee

With assistance from D. Schropp, we discussed problems with pay stub reconciliation, especially for those working multiple job classifications which may have different pay grades.  Mr. Schropp explained the process by which salaries are reported and adjusted. This item is closely related to the next item, that some employees feel their supervisors are arbitrarily changing their time cards.

 Employees working in more complex fiscal situations are encouraged to take the time to go over their pay stubs with their supervisors, and an effort will be made to make sure that supervisors and HR will have the information needed in order to fully explain them to employees.

Minutes submitted by Union