180 Day Check-In for New Supervisors

Work and Strategic Goal Alignment

The role of a supervisor is to continue to motivate staff. Take the What's Your Leadership Instinct quiz (Express Employment Professionals) to learn more about your leadership style.  If you need assistance in developing leadership skills, visit UI's Leadership Development website.

Performance Expectations

Team performance is an important component of managing performance. 7 Tips on How to Build Effective Teams (prosky.com) provides some tips for building an effective team.

    Work Life Balance

    Negative behaviors (yours or your team's) can leave you feeling tired and unable to cope. Some suggestions on how to deal with those behaviors are available in Common Workplace Behaviors That Drain Everyone's Energy (Furniture World News).


      Supervisors at UI continue to hone their skills to become successful and effective. 10 Things That Good Bosses Do (CBS News) provides some useful ideas. You may also be interested in the popular Supervising@IOWA Series, Supervising Today's Students, the Advanced Management Series, which are all found on the Learning and Development series website.