90 Day Check-In for New Supervisors

Work and Strategic Goal Alignment

As you become more involved in the work of your position, you may want to reconnect with the importance of managing your staff.  See Resources for three articles listed below that give food for thought.


These resources are available in Employee Self Service/Learning and Development/myquickcoach.

Performance Expectations

Learning how to delegate to others is an essential role of supervisors.  This skill may not come easy especially if you are new to supervision.  Resources listed below have some tips for you.


Feedback is critical to getting the results you need. Learn some quick tips on this subject in Resources.


Work Life and Wellness

Working with an employee who you are concerned about or who is not responding to your coaching can be difficult. The UI has services to assist you, including your Unit HR Rep, Senior HR Leader, and the Supervisor Helpline at 335-2085.


LEAN is one approach the UI uses to improve business and operations. Learn more about how this service can help your unit/department.  See Resources for details


If you haven't already signed up, remember developmental training is available in the popular UI series outlined in Resources.