Departmental Competitive Promotion Process

Supervisory exempt or “confidential” positions can be advertised using the Departmental Competitive Promotion process. The position must advertise in the department for 10 calendar days.

Note: If the position has to advertise through Talent Acquisition, all internal candidates must apply through the merit electronic application process during the 10-day posting period. This will not be a Departmental Competitive Promotion.

Employee Eligibility

Current departmental merit staff members who have permanent status are eligible to be considered for a departmental competitive promotion. This includes employees in the department who are eligible for the classification as a lateral or voluntary demotion. Any employee that wishes to be considered must be eligible for the classification and meet all approved special qualifications for the position in order to be able to apply.

Internal Advertisement Process

The department must create and process a merit requisition through workflow. Use the Requisition Initiator Training Manual found on Self Service for assistance when filling out the merit requisition. You will first need to sign in using your Hawk ID and password. Select the Administration tab, Systems, JOBS@UIOWA, and then Merit Requisition Initiator Training Manual.

The following must be approved by Employment Services before the position can be advertised internally:

  • the merit requisition
  • any special qualifications

The merit requisition is found on Self Service. You will first need to sign in using your Hawk ID and password. Select the Administration tab, Systems, JOBS@UIOWA, and then Create a Requisition - Merit link.

Choose the Regular Department Competitive Promotion merit requisition in the Form Type field.

The Ad Start Date must be a current date or one in the future. The dates that the position advertised in the department will be adjusted by Employment Services once the merit requisition is completed through Workflow.

Each employee must complete an electronic application and submit it to Employment Services. The electronic application is located at JOBS@UIOWA. Select the Merit Options Tab to complete and submit the application to Employment Services. The employee must be eligible for the classification and meet all the approved special qualifications.

If the employee is a veteran and hasn't been set up for veteran's preference, they should follow the instructions for veteran's preference on the electronic application.

Employees interested in applying for the position should call Talent Acquisition (335-2658) and request their name be added to the position before the end advertising date.

Search Committee Instructions

Employment Services will release the candidates for the Search Committee Admins after the end advertising date. The department will now have access to the candidate’s electronic application.

Pathway: Sign on to Self Service, select the Administration tab, JOBS@UIOWA, and then Search Committee Options. Select the requisition. On the Current Requisition Menu, select Manage Applicant Pool to view the electronic applications.

If the list includes a veteran, the department must follow the pre-approval procedures for the interview selection and job offer. 

Processing the Department Competitive Promotion form

The Search Committee Admin must complete the following steps on the Current Requisition Menu:

  1. Select the Rate Applicants link. Rate all applicants on list.
  2. Select the Final Applicant Summary link. Create and submit.
  3. Select the Departmental Competitive Promotion Recommendation form, create and submit. This must be done in order to appoint the chosen candidate.


  • Prepare text beforehand, copy and paste onto the Departmental Competitive Promotion form.
  • Have Date in Classification and Date in Department ready.
  • The department may have to set a Workflow electronic signature pathway.
  • Employment Services will receive the form after the orgs have approved the form. Employment Services must review and approve the Departmental Competitive Promotion form before the selected candidate for hire has been offered the position.
  • After Employment Services approves the form, the department will then create and submit the HR Transaction Transfer form. Sign on to Self Service and select Administration tab, Systems, and then HR Transaction System.
  • Reference the Departmental Competitive Promotion Recommendation transaction number in the Remarks section.
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