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Temporary job postings are used to advertise most temporary positions. Temporary job postings may be used for P&S, Faculty, Postdoctoral Research Scholar, non-UI student positions, and Post-Baccalaureate Research Intern positions. Temporary job postings are not used for Merit or UI student positions.  Applicants send their information directly to the advertising departments and do not apply through JOBS@UIOWA.

Departments are responsible for retaining all application materials received and documentation about their search process per the university’s Personnel HR, and Recruitment Official Records Inventory and Retention Schedule. Departments conducting a regular search using JOBS@UIOWA do not need to create an additional temporary job posting.  For more information, see EOD’s Guidance Document on Search/Posting Requirements.

Guidelines for a High Volume of Identical Biweekly Non-Student Temporary Appointments

Advertise the position using the Manage Temporary/Other Jobs link in JOBS@UIOWA in Self Service.

The job posting must advertise for a minimum of 3 calendar days.

You may then use the same Posting ID # on multiple Temporary appointments for up to 6 months from the posting date.

During this 6 month period it is the department’s responsibility to review the following for the appropriate:

  • Job Classification
  • Job Responsibilities
  • Pay rate/pay range

A new Temporary job posting will need to be submitted if any changes occur during the 6 month period.

When the Temporary Appointment Form is Processed

The Temporary Posting ID# must be listed in the Temporary appointment form.

The Job Code/Classification on the Temporary appointment form must match the Job Code/Classification advertised on the posting.

The Job Responsibilities on the Temporary appointment form must match the Job Details advertised on the posting.

The Temporary appointment pay rate must match the pay rate advertised on the posting (unless a range was advertised, then it must fall within the range).