Level 3 Job Attribute Profile


  • Understanding of recognized body of knowledge, which applies theory, techniques or principles; or specialized knowledge, enabling role to serve as a "designated resource" within work unit.


  • Applies knowledge to situations where frequent interpretation of policies and procedures is required to determine proper course of action.
  • There is opportunity for creativity or innovation within defined parameters.


  • Coordinates activities with others within unit and may coordinate with others outside the unit as the designated resource.
  • Scope of responsibilities is focused at the work unit (dept/lab/program) level and occasionally with other work units


  • Impact and risk of errors impacting performance are generally limited to immediate work unit and occasionally outside the work unit.
  • May be accountable for quality and quantity of work of others in the work unit.


  • Effective communication involves coordinating among members of the work unit and individuals from other work units to assure high quality work performance.
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