Compensation and Classification

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  • Requires broad knowledge of disciplines or programs or is a expert within a highly specialized field
  • Ability to develop & implement new systems, policies and procedures.
  • Ability to plan for, integrate and coordinate activities across related areas.


  • Decisions are guided by strategic direction, operational objectives and interpretation of external rules and regulations requiring judgment and innovation.
  • Sets priorities and allocates resources to achieve annual and multi-year objectives.


  • Responsible for the integration of cross-functional work units to achieve organizational objectives.
  • Responsible for achieving organizational strategic goals and objectives.
  • Responsible for creating and implementing new systems, policies and procedures for a large, complex organization(s) in respective area of expertise.


  • Accountable for strategic direction and effectiveness of a large and/or multiple departments and its/their impact on the organization/division and the university.
  • Provide accountability for the finances, administrative leadership and management of the department(s), including the stewardship of people, finances and other resources.
  • Responsible for decisions and risks arising from the department(s) and their impact upon the organization and University.


  • Communicates about matters of strategic and tactical importance to a variety of stakeholders within and/or outside the university.
  • Requires communication skills necessary to effectuate change among various constituents.