UI Health Care: Performance Appraisal Tool FAQ

1. Where is the Performance Appraisal Tool located?

Employees and supervisors can access the new tool directly at http://talent.uiowa.edu/performance by entering their HawkID and Password (note: may be different than an employee’s Health Care ID and Password).

The tool is also accessible through Employee Self-Service by selecting the Personal Tab and selecting Performance Review in upper left corner under Performance/Career section.

2. What are the ICARE Core Values and where are they located?

ICARE represents:

Innovation: We seek creative ways to solve problems.
Collaboration: We believe teamwork is the best way to work.
Accountability: We behave ethically, act openly and with integrity in all that we do, taking responsibility for our actions.
Respect: We honor diversity and recognize the worth and dignity of every person.
Excellence: We strive to achieve excellence in all that we do.

The ICARE Core Values are incorporated in our UI Health Care Integrated Strategic Plan and help drive behaviors aligned with our mission and vision.

3. If an employee fails to finalize the electronic document, what steps should a supervisor take to ensure the form is finalized before the March 31st deadline?

The employee must acknowledge his or her appraisal by March 31st. Supervisors/evaluators should complete the employee’s appraisal and have the performance review meeting early enough in the Performance Review window to allow the employee to acknowledge prior to March 31st.

In the event an employee fails to finalize the document, the supervisor should clarify with the employee that finalizing the form does not indicate agreement but confirms that the discussion with the supervisor occurred. Employees have the option to add additional comments directly on the form prior to finalizing. Supervisors should work directly with their departmental human resources representative if an employee continues to decline finalizing the review in the system.

4. Where are performance appraisals for P&S non-bargaining staff from previous years? 

Performance reviews from 2013-2017 can be found in the employee’s ePersonnel file. If you need help locating a review, please contact the ITS-Help Desk, 319-384-HELP (4357), for assistance.  A View/Download 20XX-20XX Review link will be available in the P&S performance review tool’s Goals & Accomplishments section so supervisors and employees can access last year’s form as reference while completing the current year review.

5. For P&S non-bargaining, will there be a “Create goals for next year” text box available?

No, see below.

Where do P&S non-bargaining employees add their goals for next year?

P&S non-bargaining employees can attach goals in the Performance Appraisal Tool using a separate template (a sample is available on The Point) or by adding into the Comments section of the tool.  

6. Where are the definitions of the overall performance ratings?

A definition for each rating can be found in the performance review tool when the rating is assigned. Definitions can also be found on the University Human Resources Performance Descriptors website.

7. After an employee finalizes his or her review, can the supervisor log back in and see the employee’s comments along with the supervisor’s comments?

Yes, the completed form will be available by selecting the History button in the performance tool. Supervisors will also receive an email that includes employee comments. The email will notify the supervisor that comments were made and the review is complete. The ePersonnel file will contain the completed form for the supervisor and employee to access.

8. What happens if a supervisor leaves the organization during the middle of the review period and:

  • No appraisals have started?
    The ability to create an appraisal will transfer to the new supervisor.
  • Some appraisals have been started but not all?
    Contact the ITS-Help Desk with details on how you want each of the forms handled.
  • All appraisals have been started and some have been completed?
    For appraisals NOT completed, please contact ITS-Help Desk for assistance.
    For appraisals completed, the new supervisor will have access to the performance appraisal via the employee’s ePersonnel file.
  • All appraisals have been completed? Can the new supervisor see the appraisals?
    The new supervisor will have access to the employee’s ePersonnel file.

9. Who do I contact with questions?