Annual Policy Notifications - March 13, 2015

To:       All University Staff

From:   Susan Buckley, Vice President for Human Resources

Date:    March 13, 2015

As part of our series of annual policy notifications, I would encourage you to review the Ethics and Responsibilities for University of Iowa Staff:

It is very important for University staff to be familiar with this policy, as it incorporates the University’s mission and values into a set of expectations for which we are individually accountable.  This policy also serves to define a work culture for University staff that not only supports the University, but also the quality of work life within the University community.

This policy also links to a number of other policies, resources, and expectations relevant to staff.  For example, it references the Board of Regents Code of Business and Fiduciary Conduct and the UI Financial Misconduct Report System:  Ethics Point.  The expectations of the Ethics and Responsibilities policy may also be supplemented by work rules or additional performance expectations related to your individual position.  If you have any questions or concerns after reviewing this policy, or with respect to what is expected of you, please contact your supervisor or HR Unit Representative (listed on your Self Service web site) for clarification.