HR Transaction Guidelines

Segregation of Duties, Delegation of Authority, and Use of Signature Stamps

  • A minimum of two signatures on Human Resource transactions is required at the departmental level.  The two signatures must include an approving official’s original signature (typically the DEO’s original signature or the DEO designee’s original signature) and may include the electronic imprint of the creator/editor of the document.  It is the responsibility of the college/division to ensure that this requirement is met.  A college/division or central administration/university human resources may require additional signatures for specific forms.
  • Signature stamps with the user’s initials may be used at the college, division, or central level as long as the two signature requirements as described in guideline #1 has been satisfied.
  • Signature authorization must be documented and kept on file in all cases where signature authority, actual or stamp, is delegated.  It is the responsibility of an area, in a timely manner, to inform the next level above of signature authorizations and any subsequent changes regarding signature authorization.  For example, a department would keep their college office informed of any changes regarding signature authorization at the department level and a college would keep central administration/university human resources informed of any changes regarding signature authorization at the college level.
  • Manual changes on forms may be made by an approving authority or their designee and must be initialed by the individual making such changes.

HR Transaction Guidelines

Should individuals send the Delegation of Signature Authority Form to University Human Resources ?

  • These forms should be kept on site at the local level. However, units/departments should be clear whether their division/college wants a copy of these forms for their files. Please do NOT send these forms to University Human Resources.

Do these guidelines apply to all HR forms?

  • Generally speaking yes, however, the one significant exception would be "accounting only changes." From the perspective of Internal Audit and University Human Resources, two signatures at the department/unit level are NOT required for "accounting only changes." Again, it would be helpful for departments/units to understand clearly the expectation from their division/college regarding unit/department approval for "accounting only changes."

Delegation of Signature Authority form