Sample Criminal Background Check Policy for Volunteers

Purpose: To protect the University of Iowa, its faculty, staff, students, and members of the public who have dealings with the University from suffering physical, emotional, and financial harm while also protecting the privacy of individuals who volunteer at the University.

University of Iowa - Criminal Background Check Policy - Operations Manual
This policy will be applicable to volunteers that form a new relationship with the (ENTITY) after (DATE).

Focus of Check:  All volunteers in the (ENTITY) will be subject to a criminal background check.

Scope of Check:  The Senior HR Representative in the (ORG) will conduct the check and, when convictions are revealed, will consult with University Human Resources and the Office of the General Counsel to determine if a nexus to the volunteer position is justified.

Advertisements:  Guidelines for Volunteers will include the following language: prior to beginning any volunteer work, volunteer may be subject to a criminal background check.

Procedures for Conducting Check - Appointees are to be given three documents described below.

  • Notification and Authorization for Release of Information for Criminal Background Check form with the department and title of position completed.
  • A copy of the document "A summary of Your Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act."

The volunteer should be given a stamped enveloped to (the respective Senior HR Representative) and asked to return the forms as soon as possible.