Statement of Work

Define in full detail the work to be completed, as part of the Professional Services Agreement.

The parties anticipate that the project work will be completed in phases. This agreement covers only steps 1 and 2, set forth below.  A Statement of Work for future project phases will be negotiated with the benefit of information and recommendations made upon successful completion of Steps 1 and 2 and will be agreed to in an amendment to the original contract.

Step 1 – Background information – University of Iowa Athletics

Duration:  20-30 days

  1. Meeting(s) with University-designated project work group to review goals and strategy for Step 1 with consideration given to potential goals associated with future project phases.
  2. Review organizational charts and reporting structures.
  3. Review results from employee satisfaction surveys or other University assessment instructions conducted within the last five years.
  4. Interview leadership in Athletics and University Human Resources officials responsible for implementing HR policies.

Step 2 – Policies

Duration:  20-30 days

  1. Collection and compliance analysis of University-wide written employment policies concerning equitable treatment of protected classes of employees.
  2. Collection and compliance analysis of written employment policies in Athletics concerning equitable treatment of protected classes of employees.

Next Step - Once the University of Iowa has received recommendations from the initial orientation phase, we will move to HR practices.

Deliverables:  Please provide the University with an initial draft report documenting your review, conclusions and any recommendations derived from the first two steps.

Stakeholders:  University Human Resources, University Leadership, Senior Human Resources and Human Resources Unit Representatives for Athletics.